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Leader as the Coach By Rich Stearns


Will you follow the Leader and coach like Jesus did!

The success of any organization will depend in large part on whether the leader has chosen the right people.  A leader knows how to get the right people into for the right jobs, just like a coach forming a team.  Once the right people are on the team, a coach helps them succeed by allowing them the freedom to use their gifts.

Jesus is the model of a great coach. Talk about an important job, selecting the people who were going to bring the good news to the ends of the earth. He chose just twelve and his selections were unlikely. He saw past the resume and into the heart. Of course, we could say that not all of his hiring decisions were good (Judas), but even that was part of his plan.

The results speak for themselves. From twelve disciples there are now two billion Christians.

Read Matthew chapter 10.

What can you learn from Jesus that would make you a more effective coach?


Rich Stearns, is the President Emeritus of World Vision U.S, This is an excerpt from collection of works prepared for Nonprofit Leadership in A For-Profit World: Essential Insights from 15 Christian Executives. Be sure to check out his latest book, Lead Like it Matters to God, Value-Driven Leadership in s Success-Driven World.  This was the Outcomes Conference 2021 Book of the Year!


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