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Christian Leadership Alliance Member Spotlight: Douglas Shaw & Associates

Christian Leadership Alliance Founder’s Council Member Spotlight: Douglas Shaw & Associates Douglas Shaw & Associates partners with ministries to help them acquire new donors and effectively communicate their voice and messaging, helping ministries raise more funds. Through their Donor-Focused Strategic Marketing approach, they help ministries build strong relationships with their donors through every channel including…

The Day I Stopped Fundraising By Zenet Maramara

Stop Fundraising! I was a fundraiser for Asian Theological Seminary in Manila for ten years. I began that job at the time when the American-founded seminary began to nationalize its leadership and faculty after twenty years. It made sense that funding needed to be nationalized also and to start local fundraising. I had no formal…

What's Your New Big Ministry Idea? By Patrick Johnson

What’s driving your new big ministry idea! There are four big ideas that should be driving your big ministry idea: Compelling Strategy, Maximized Leverage, Bold Vision and Effective Mission. These big ideas are an integral part of church life. In fact, it’s likely that you’ve talked about one or more of them as a part…

Empower Your Board By Tom Okarma

Effective fundraising and donor relationships are part of board service. But many agencies tend to overlook one of the most critical — and yet often most effective — tools for improving fundraising for nonprofits — the board. It’s no secret that best practices of successful nonprofit boards include fundraising. Often, board candidates are told during…

Outcomes Academy Online: Sharpen Your Edge

Sharpen Your Leadership Edge Enroll in the Outcomes Academy January Session It’s time to mark your calendars and plan now to sharpen your edge by enrolling in Christian Leadership Alliance’s January Outcomes Academy Online.  SAVE THE DATES This  year the registration for the Outcomes Academy deadline is January 8, 2018 Classes begin for all those…

Annual Fundraising By Tom MacAdam

Move annual fundraising beyond golf outings, galas and gift forms! Events and appeals, auctions and raffles, monthly emails and quarterly form letters are at the core of many annual fundraising efforts. But they can be an addiction, and a treadmill for your development team. Dependency So why do so many organizations, particularly local schools, ministries,…

Charitable Giving By Dr. Gary Hoag

Charitable Giving at Year-End Since the signing of the War Revenue Act of 1917 – exactly 100 years ago – Americans have used the provision in the income tax code known as the charitable gift deduction to maximize their contributions as a portion of income. This provision leads many people, especially those in higher tax…

The Importance of Thank You By Douglas Shaw

Rule #36: Saying Thank you to donors is necessary and profitable Saying thank you – it sounds so simple, right? There’s a great Wallace Shawn line from the classic movie, The Princess Bride, that always come to mind whenever I hear the annual poll results of donors’ top two giving complaints: (1) not being thanked…

Three Rules for Abundant Major Giving By Derric Bakker

THREE RULES TO GROW MORE ABUNDANT MAJOR GIVING If you are seeking to grow more abundant major giving at your nonprofit, you would be wise to consider these three irrefutable rules. I had to have a tough conversation with a client recently. A former sales guy turned nonprofit CEO, his perspective on fundraising is heavily influenced by his training…

Outcomes for Leaders Like You

The Outcomes Conference 2018 is for leaders like you. Christian leaders, like you, are radically transforming lives in this country and around the world. We know the challenges you face each day are great, but believe the power of God at work in and through you is infinitely greater. We know that all things work…


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